Adia’s Story

“I did it all by myself. I just picked up a pencil and started doing stuff with it,” said Adia, a fourteen year old high school student from San Juan Capistrano.

Adia proudly displays one of her favorite drawings!

Adia has always had a natural talent for drawing. Without any previous formal training, she was able to teach herself different drawing and shading techniques starting from an early age.

“She was always doodling and would always color on everything, including my bills,” said Adia’s mom, Nicole, with a laugh.

However, after being introduced to KidScholly, Adia was able to begin taking professional drawing classes which has allowed her drawing abilities to flourish.

“Right now I’m learning how to use charcoal because that’s a different style. It not only teaches me a different style, but it actually helps the way I draw because it gives me a different sense of how to start off a drawing,” said Adia.

KidScholly also equipped Adia with copic markers which are ideal for shading and creating depth in drawings. “Instead of using just one color throughout the whole drawing, they actually can create depth whenever you go over an area with the same color,” said Adia.

Adia gathers inspiration for her drawings from whatever is around her. Whether it’s her own mood after a long day at school or experimenting with new techniques, “I’m always trying to widen out my varieties of what I can sketch,” said Adia.

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