Ravi’s Story

“I like baseball because I like batting. It’s really fun,” said Ravi, an 8 year old from Irvine, California.

With the help of KidScholly, Ravi has been able to begin his Little League career with Irvine Pony Leagues.

Ravi was able to begin playing baseball after completing his volunteer hours.
Ravi was able to begin playing baseball after completing his volunteer hours.

After completing his volunteer hours, Ravi earned his scholarship and his spot on his team. Part of Ravi’s volunteer work included helping his parents who are both graduate students around the house and doing extra chores.

“I think it’s a great idea to encourage kids to volunteer and also give them the opportunity to play sports that they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to,” said Ravi’s father.

Since completing his volunteer hours, Ravi’s father has noticed an increase in Ravi’s interest in helping his community. “His general attitude towards volunteering is a lot more excited than it was before,” said Ravi’s father.

Additionally, Ravi’s sister, Rani, has also been involved with KidScholly. After completing her volunteer hours, she began participating in a gymnastics program.

Participating in a team sport has also increased Ravi’s attention span and dedication to his schoolwork.

For Ravi, his favorite part of playing baseball is being involved with a team and having fun. “My favorite thing about being on a team is making friends,” said Ravi with a smile.

Thank you to our partners at Irvine Pony for their support!

Irvine Pony


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