Ravi’s Story

“I like baseball because I like batting. It’s really fun,” said Ravi, an 8 year old from Irvine, California.

With the help of KidScholly, Ravi has been able to begin his Little League career with Irvine Pony Leagues.

Ravi was able to begin playing baseball after completing his volunteer hours.
Ravi was able to begin playing baseball after completing his volunteer hours.

After completing his volunteer hours, Ravi earned his scholarship and his spot on his team. Part of Ravi’s volunteer work included helping his parents who are both graduate students around the house and doing extra chores.

“I think it’s a great idea to encourage kids to volunteer and also give them the opportunity to play sports that they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to,” said Ravi’s father.

Since completing his volunteer hours, Ravi’s father has noticed an increase in Ravi’s interest in helping his community. “His general attitude towards volunteering is a lot more excited than it was before,” said Ravi’s father.

Additionally, Ravi’s sister, Rani, has also been involved with KidScholly. After completing her volunteer hours, she began participating in a gymnastics program.

Participating in a team sport has also increased Ravi’s attention span and dedication to his schoolwork.

For Ravi, his favorite part of playing baseball is being involved with a team and having fun. “My favorite thing about being on a team is making friends,” said Ravi with a smile.

Thank you to our partners at Irvine Pony for their support!

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Kevin’s Story

“Kevin is an active and energetic child who has been eager to join a baseball team with the hopes of one day being in the ‘big leagues,’” said Family Services Care Coordinator, Cristi Lopez.

At age six, Kevin already has big dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. After watching his grandfather and uncles coach baseball, Kevin decided when he was two years old that he wanted to become a professional baseball player. “I’m going to be a great baseball player and won’t stop until I make it to Angel Stadium,” said Kevin.unspecified

However, registration fees and the cost of new baseball gear proved to be a barrier for Kevin to participate in a youth league. While both of Kevin’s parents are hard working and do whatever they can to support their family, participating on a baseball team wasn’t an option for Kevin financially.

Nevertheless, with a little help from KidScholly, Kevin completed ten hours of community service by doing extra chores and recently completed his very first season on a baseball team. KidScholly provided Kevin with new baseball equipment and arranged registration for Irvine Pony Leagues after he completed his community service. Both Kevin’s parents have already noticed positive changes in Kevin’s attitude and behavior. “It’s helping Kevin’s development in school and helping him develop his intellect,” said Kevin’s father.

At KidScholly, we believe that every child deserves the chance to unlock and develop his or her talents. After-school activities give kids more than just opportunities to have some well-deserved fun. “Extracurricular activities allow children to build social skills, use creativity, teach time management, commitment and raise self-esteem,” said Cristi Lopez.

Participation in extracurricular activities such as baseball allows kids like Kevin to express themselves, develop their creativity, and dream big for the future. Kevin has been enjoying his first year as a baseball player and even became the “Player of the Game” during his third game of the season. With the support of his parents and coaches, Kevin continues to improve each week and is now busy working to earn his next KidScholly scholarship so he can play baseball again next season.